I have a confession to make…I have a secret relationship with people.com. I used to order the magazine to the clinic. Clearly, Blair has a higher literary standard and lower tolerance for scantily clothed celebrities than I do and he requested that we cancel it, so now it’s people.com with my coffee. Mostly I browse the photos to see what celebrities are wearing in the airport…I love boots and they always have the most fabulous boots. But the other day a celebrity said the following about the extra-marital affair that led to her divorce: “That’s not me. What happened is not who I am. Period.” And I immediately thought back to a conversation that Paul and I had in the kitchen, just a couple of days before he, Janice and Seb moved into their own place. He quoted the Latin motto of the College of Mount Saint Vincent, “Bonitatem et disciplinam et scientiam doce me”, which is translated as “Teach me goodness and training and knowledge”. We talked about the significance of goodness being first in the list of three; of the absolute necessity of goodness coming before, and undergirding, training and knowledge. Another conversation came to mind as I read that celebrity’s quote – a friend was describing a family that she knew growing up – four boys who all graduated from the same elite university program. “…but the youngest had an affair and destroyed his family”. An abundance of training and knowledge. A dearth of goodness. I want our children to grow up knowing that training and knowledge are necessary, but that goodness is vital. What we do says a lot about what is going on inside of us. And no matter what, good, bad, ugly, we’re not unredeemable.