Three of our very favourite people came to visit last weekend. 5-year old Jacob is fun-loving and precocious, and has an incredible imagination. One afternoon, a couple of visits ago, he came down the stairs, sword in hand, knight helmet (picture Shrek) on, and roared ferociously. “Aaaaaaaahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed in mock fear, which, apparently, was rather convincing, because immediately the sword clattered to the floor and he flipped up the visor, his gorgeous big green eyes full of concern. “It’s ok, Kirsten, it’s ok! Don’t be scared! It’s just me! It’s just Jacob!” I love that memory. And it makes me sad that he might grow up, as so many of us have, to think just the opposite – that the person under the mask is more scary and less desirable than the mask itself. Three years ago, with no warning and with no subsequent explanation, we were unfriended. In real life, not just on Facebook. Rejection and silence are a deadly combination. Left to decide on my own what my fatal flaws are, I am merciless. And it’s tempting to just tighten the proverbial knight helmet visor rather than risk that kind of pain again. Paul, Janice and Sebastien are moving into their own place this weekend. In just a few short weeks we’ve developed a comfortable and easy co-existence. Paul makes amazing soup and Janice shares my delight in the simple things…like chocolate and the movie Sabrina. Nothing with Paul is shallow. Nothing with Janice is boring. We’ve joked about the boys going through withdrawal, but in truth I think that I’ll go through my own personal withdrawal. Paul commented yesterday evening that our two families have lived more closely in the last month than we probably have with our own extended clans. It’s been an extraordinary experience. Not without moments of insecurity or vulnerability – but you just can’t wear a mask when you’re together 24/7. And that’s been really really good.