I love a good conversation.  It’s my soul’s version of a deliciously satisfying chocolate-coffee-pinot noir-endorphin mix.  Whether it’s talking about long haul trucking with my husband’s cousin at the family reunion (note to self: remember to turn down high beams when approaching a semi from behind on the highway) or washing dishes, tears dropping into the sudsy water as I listen to a close friend talk about maybe giving up on her marriage, I’m never the same person at the end of a conversation as I was at the beginning.  I discover something new about myself or about someone I love.  A new idea has been birthed.  I’m thankful for my lot.  I’m reminded that the world is much much bigger than my four walls.  
I heard Daniel Pink speak last week about what motivates us.  He was passionate and engaging.  Possibly my favourite part was hearing him say the words “frickin’ awesome” in front of 120,000 largely conservative evangelical leaders.  But what stuck with me was the phrase… “Anything good in life begins with a conversation”. Because it’s true. I’ve been thinking about blogging for quite a while now, had some good friends poke and prod and profess their undying support of such a venture, and received a one-word email from a mentor tonight -“Soon?”.   I spent literally an hour avoiding the computer, trying to figure out why I was so skitterish of jumping in. I love writing. I love reading other people’s writing. I love observing human nature and our brushes with God. There’s so much to write about. So why the cold fear of setting finger to keyboard? And then it hit me. Because I love a good conversation. And until now, I have defined conversation as eye to eye or ear to ear. Coffee not required but obviously encouraged. So I’m gingerly stepping onto new ground and inviting you to come with me. And join in the conversation.