School is here.  Summer is gone.   In the opening lines of Walking On Water Madeleine L’Engle reflects, “…But there is still a pattern to the summers which I hope will never change, a lovely kaleidescope of family and friends coming and going.” This one  saw a lot of loved ones coming and going, bed linen laundering, late night grocery runs and BBQs.   […]

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Eavesdropping On Funerals

I’ve eavesdropped on a lot of funerals. I’m hired to play prelude and postlude music, but in between I meet the most fascinating and well loved people – through the ones who love them the most. It’s a unique way to learn how to live life well – and, reading between the lines, maybe not so well. […]

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I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus from writing…anything. I’ve blamed it on the frenetic pace of family life but truthfully I’ve been avoiding it. Because writing, even just a 300-word piece, is hard work. “The Idea” might be germinating but it’s hazy, almost reachable, and then the tyranny of the urgent takes over and “The Idea” gets shelved along with the organic tomato sauce in the back of the pantry. […]

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Mrs. Cuthbert

After a 6-year hiatus, I’ve started teaching piano again. And I’ve been thinking about my own piano teacher. Mrs. Cuthbert took me on as a student when I was 7 and we worked and learned and grew together all the way through to my ARCT, when I was 18. She has been the single most influential music teacher in my life. […]

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Desert Tears

I stepped out of the van and the hot desert air wrapped itself around me. We’d spent most of the day exploring Dubai – marveling at Dubai; now we were only about a 45-minute drive from downtown but I felt a whole world away from its opulence. […]

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As of this evening, there are 12,758 items catalogued in our iPhoto database. Yikes, that’s a hefty slideshow – and the kids aren’t even teenagers yet. After a short but well-intentioned foray into scrapbooking about 10 years ago I’ve happily resigned myself to being a photographer only and not a “scrapper”. Our generation’s version of our grandmothers’ quilting bees, it’s got a language and culture of its own, and while I did enjoy the girly togetherness, I cracked under the self-induced pressure to make make every moment a “page-worthy” one. […]

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