Desert Tears

I stepped out of the van and the hot desert air wrapped itself around me. We’d spent most of the day exploring Dubai – marveling at Dubai; now we were only about a 45-minute drive from downtown but I felt a whole world away from its opulence. […]

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As of this evening, there are 12,758 items catalogued in our iPhoto database. Yikes, that’s a hefty slideshow – and the kids aren’t even teenagers yet. After a short but well-intentioned foray into scrapbooking about 10 years ago I’ve happily resigned myself to being a photographer only and not a “scrapper”. Our generation’s version of our grandmothers’ quilting bees, it’s got a language and culture of its own, and while I did enjoy the girly togetherness, I cracked under the self-induced pressure to make make every moment a “page-worthy” one. […]

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Picture a circle representing naturally-born “kid-people”. Picture another circle representing mothers. Let’s be more specific and label it mothers of, say, four children (but feel free to insert your number of choice). In a Venn diagram depicting the two, I would fall in the outer edge of the mothers of four children, the place where the two circles do not intersect. I adore my own children, my nieces and nephews, and my friends’ kids, and would run out into traffic to rescue a vagabond toddler in a heartbeat, but please, please don’t ask me to be a fieldtrip mom. […]

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I have a confession to make…I have a secret relationship with I used to order the magazine to the clinic. Clearly, Blair has a higher literary standard and lower tolerance for scantily clothed celebrities than I do and he requested that we cancel it, so now it’s with my coffee. […]

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3 gangstas, 1 hobo & 2 flapper girls

Last weekend I danced with Julianna. Usually I watch as she dances in the living room or through the kitchen or on a stage, but on Friday evening we danced together, dressed as 1920’s flapper girls, on the wooden floor of Kelly’s Saloon at Fort Edmonton Park. It was our friend Laura’s 1920’s-themed 22nd birthday party, and as our whole family loves Laura, our whole family was there. Three gangstas, one hula-hooping hobo boy, and two flapper girls. […]

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They are a gorgeous couple. She is young and beautiful, her dark hair in a ponytail, pulled through the back of her pink hat. Tall and handsome, he’s leaning in, his arm securely around her waist. And they are smiling. They are my friend’s brother and sister-in-law. They just finished Race For The Cure. They found out just weeks ago that she has breast cancer. She is just 35. […]

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The Other Side Of The Fence

Sometimes the grass does look greener on the other side of the fence. Sometimes it just looks cleaner, more tidy, on the other side of the fence. I look over people’s fences – on Facebook, in short conversations while waiting for the kids, watching familial interactions at ballet and soccer, and opening Christmas letters every year. […]

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Three of our very favourite people came to visit last weekend. 5-year old Jacob is fun-loving and precocious, and has an incredible imagination. One afternoon, a couple of visits ago, he came down the stairs, sword in hand, knight helmet (picture Shrek) on, and roared ferociously. […]

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Park Mom

Our neighbourhood playground was dismantled today. Yesterday afternoon the construction fence went up, this morning the bulldozers arrived, and by suppertime there were only piles of weathered wood and primary-coloured slabs of plastic, remnants of the slides, lying in the rain. It happened so fast that I didn’t have time to get sentimental, to think that I’d actually miss it. […]

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Yesterday morning I went out for a run. To be perfectly honest I was alternating walking for 60 seconds and running for 90, but it sounds so much more impressive to throw out the words “a run”. I downloaded an app called Couch to 5K – a lovely voice interrupts your music to tell you when to run and when to walk and it’s incredibly freeing to not have to look at your watch. Smarty pants Apple people. […]

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